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Triple row solar DISC light

Triple row solar DISC light

Product Code: DRSFPTL-U

NEW, Patented Triple row solar DISC light is built with one row of 6 (short throw) led's facing up, why spend money on an ornament, Ball, Eagle, etc., for the top of your flagpole only to be seen in the day? This unique product offers the ability to see that finial  at night with our 6 short throw led's, short throw led's will not pollute the surrounding sky therefore adhering to night sky policy's in some jurisdictions, Powerful 6 volts solar panel feeds a Lithium-Ion battery pack rated at 4400 mAh ( milliamps ) and of course 2 rows of led's facing down, 1 row at 45 degrees to catch the flag in flight ( bloom ) and 1 row facing down to catch the flag at rest. Limited Stock.

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