$ 99.00
LED Flood Light with Fixed Photo Eye

LED Flood Light - Fixed Photo Eye

Product Code: FLF

This LED Flood Light light is wired with a 110 volt 3 prong plug, is weather proof, water proof (do not submerge) and has an LED light bulb life of 100,000 hrs. Built in drivers make this LED Flood Light a plug and play unit, that gives the light of a 400 watt incandescent bulb at only 50 watts of consumption.

This LED Flood Light easily converts to 220 volts as the LED light bulbs will automatically adjust between 85 and 240 volts.  Our tech's have gauged these lights for consumption.  This CREE LED Flood Light has a fixed photo eye with a built in sliding light shield.

commercial led flood lights

We offer installation/fabrication within Western New York.  These lights will pay for themselves within six months of use!











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