Why PolePal is Solar Lighting Different?

PolePalUSA offers high cost effective solar lighting that is environment friendly and suitable for many applications.   PolePal's Solar Lighting System is the complete solar lighting package for outdoor illumination.  Our patented 3 post PolePal mount, designed specifically for flagpole illumination, is the perfect accessory to complement our ultra bright solar LED lights for your complete flagpole lighting solution.


  • Easy to Install: PolePal does not require any special tools or wiring for mounting to your flagpole  

  • Maintenance Free: The solar panel recharges the ultra bright LED lights daily with the use of sunlight

  • Modern Technology: Go Green with this solar lighting system- you will never have to pay for electric service again

  • Beautiful Design: The PolePal mount and lighting accessories are designed to be aesthetically pleasing while illuminating your landscapes

  • Best Value Solution: The complete PolePal Solar Lighting System will meet all of your landscape and flagpole lighting needs

  • Environment Friendly: Solar powered LED lights will recharge in the sunlight and illuminate throughout the night 


PolePalUSA offers a variety of solar LED lighting solutions.  From your landscape lighting, to your flagpole illumination, and all of your commercial lights needs, PolePalUSA offers a lighting solution for everyone! Check out our complete Solar Lighting Product Catalog. 


PolePal Solar Lighting System is 100% Assembled in America!

Licensed and patented exclusively by PolePalUSA - Beware of unauthorized, illegal imitations.  

By ordering from this website you agree to fully understand the product descriptions and return policy contained herein.


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