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Restaurant Cell Phone Charging Station

Restaurant Cell Phone Charging Station

Product Code: RCPCS

This is our Commercial Restaurant/Bar/Tavern/Coffee Shop/Etc. cell phone courtesy charger.  This commercial table top unit has the ability to charge from 4 USB ports at the same time.  Each port can charge 3 devices with the supplied universal cord (Android 1, Android 2 and Apple iPhone (new phone modes).

Place on the table top and add your custom, easy to change menu or advertisement. Use the supplied security cable to deter theft.

This is our patent pending high end kit, includes:

  • Charge cradle for 4 units, charge 1 or more at a time
  • 4 security key cables 3ft each
  • 4 universal charge cables
  • 4 battery phone charger base with 4 menu shields
  • Main power cable for main cradle.

Our Restaurant Cell Phone Charging station is table top with a menu board, 13000 mAh, 4 charge ports, Includes unlimited tech support, a full 1 year warranty.

This is just one differentiating factor needed to be successful in a hard to compete environment. We need every edge available to get and keep customers in your establishments.  Research shows that people will leave faster with a dead or dying cell phone. This courtesy device will allow your customers that extra edge of satisfaction offering a higher chance of a pleasant experience and high probability of a repeat customer.


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