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Eagle on Approach Flagpole Topper GOLD Finial Ball - Wholesale

Product Code: EOA-GOLD-W

This Eagle on Approach Flagpole Topper is handcrafted, made from High Resistance SOLID Resin, Electroplated GOLD! This is flagpole topper is almost 10 inches tall and over 9 inches wide.

Our Hand Crafted  Eagle on Approach Flagpole Topper is realistic and lifelike, but the GOLD ELECTROPLATE edition.  We have these in very limited supply.  While plastic cracks over time, aluminum weathers and fades, our Resin products will last through the ages.  Gold Electroplate that is applied to the eagle allows for resistance to wind, rain, snow and UV rays.

We have designed this Eagle to offer virtually no interference with the sun's rays when charging a solar light.

This flagpole topper is shipped in standard USA thread of 1/2" x 13".  The bottom shaft is about 2 inches long allowing for the use of a Solar Disk Light if you choose to use one.

These flagpole toppers sell very fast and we often need a week or so to custom make yours. Thank you for understanding.

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