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XXL Eagle for Flagpole

Product Code: XXL-E
The LARGEST Metal Eagles available on the market today for the top of flagpoles! The XXL Eagle is a massive 32 inch Eagle. 
These are the BIGGEST METAL Flagpole Eagle Toppers, Finials, Currently Available. The biggest available up to this point has been the 24in Eagle; this is a massive 32in Eagle.  Many customers have asked for this so we put it into production.
Metal Eagles are measured by adding the wing length together. In this case, the XXL Eagle wing is 16in long (on a 24in Eagle, each wing is 12in. long).  With the XXL Eagle everything is bigger; not just the wings, body, head, tail, etc.
This HUGE XXL Eagle has the standard 1/2in USA thread with a 6 inch shaft, and is supplied with a 4" metal ball.  These Eagles can be used on Flagpoles up to 80ft tall.
The last pic shows this Eagle (in natural color) on a display shelf with the other 2 Eagles available on the market.  The other Eagles are 18in and 24in. The 32 in. XXL Eagle is MUCH Larger!
See picture of the XXL Gold Eagle on a 60ft tower flying a 6x10 USA Flag. 
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