Commercial Solar Flagpole Light

As pictured, the 8 LED Commercial Solar Flagpole Light is used in triplicate.  Triplicate is 3 lights to a flagpole, to achieve 840 Lux of upward facing light, an extremely powerful solar illumination.  PolePalUSA offers industry leading solar technology.

Commercial Solar Light Experiment

Commercial Solar LED Flagpole Light

Try this:

This light has been engineered to turn on at the point the circuitry stops sensing light, therefore it will stop charging the batteries and turn on the light, in a lit room or outside on a sunny day.

1.    Be sure to verify the light switch is in the on position.  

2.    Take a piece of paper and cover 1/4 of the solar panel.  The light will remain off. 

3.    Now cover 1/2 of the solar panel.  The light will still be off (still charging at 50% light failure-cloudy day!)

4.    Cover 3/4 of the solar panel, the light is still off, still charging!

5.    Move the paper to 80-90% panel coverage and the light will now turn on.  That means your solar light will charge on the cloudiest of days!

We have over engineered this light to meet very our strict standards of performance and reliability.


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