$ 99.50
Commercial Solar Flagpole Lighting System

Economy PolePal Solar Flagpole Light

Product Code: PPESFPL-8

The Economy PolePal Solar Flagpole Light System is the PolePal flagpole lighting kit with 8 LED light bulbs in each light head. This kit will fit on any 2", 3", or 4" flagpole.  Spacer is included to allow for proper fit on flagpole.  Adapters are available for fitting of larger flagpoles up to 8" in diameter.

This Commercial PolePal Solar Flagpole Lighting Kit includes: the PolePal solar light mount, 2 adapters, (3) - 8 LED light heads, and solar panels rated at 320 mAh powered by three batteries at 1500 mAh.

The Economy PolePal Solar Flagpole Light is shown on out option 20ft Telescopic Flagpole facing down to afford a soft light in your garden, pond, or landscape.


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