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Commercial Master Jump Cable HIGH POWER 3 piece set

Commercial 600 AMP Jump Cable HIGH POWER Set

Product Code: CMJCHPS

Commercial 600 AMP Jump Cable, 3 piece set, with 2 AWG gauge. This is an Anderson HIGH POWER 600 AMP Commercial Winch Jump Set.  


·       (1) 23 f.t cable set

·       (1) 7 f.t vehicle mount set (with 3/8 eye Lugs)

·       (1) 24 in jumper cable "other end" set - allowing you to use these as standard jumper cables

·       (1) dust cover for the vehicle side power coupler

These are High Strength 800 AMP Parrot Clamps and are sure to grab and hold!  This is a HIGH POWER Commercial Set, used in Service Trucks, Tow Trucks, Farm Trucks- All Mobile Power Transfer Situations. We can make any specific set as per your need- NO ADDITIONAL charge for custom sets.

* Free Shipping not available on power connectors / transfers / cable products.

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